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Kamil Swarga Woods Ltd Is the trusted and leading charcoal exporters Poland. We provide our customers with charcoal that are extracted from the best source. We have experts and professionals in our company who check and ensure that the products are of good quality for the use of our customers.

The charcoal that we have listed are tested at every stage to ensure that they are free from other contaminants. We want our customers to only the best whenever they order our products.

Why Choose Us?

We are the best charcoal exporters from Poland and there are plenty of reasons why you should choose us. Following are some of the reasons that make us the best choice.

Quality Assured Products

We supply our customers with products that are tested at every stage. These products are also certified by the quality experts and professionals of our company.

Amazing Customer Service

We have a friendly staff which is always there to help you and solve all your issues. For the products that you have queries about, you can ask them directly and get instant replies.

Order our products today and get them delivered to your doorstep without any delay. We are the best charcoal exporters from Poland.


  • Coco Ala Charcoal

    Shape : Briquettes

    Color : Black

    Form : Solid

    Feature : High Combustion Rating, High Reliability

    Moisture : 3-4%

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    Coco Ala Charcoal

  • Coconut Shisha Charcoal

    Pure Natural Product : 100%

    Carbon Content : 85%

    Moisture : 4%-5%

    Ash Content : Less Than 4%

    Heat Value(J) : 6500-8000

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    Coconut Shisha Charcoal

  • Hardwood Charcoal Briquettes

    Material : Hardwood Sawdust

    Color : Black

    Shape : Hexagon, Stick

    Size : Diameter around 3.6 cm, length 10 – 30cm

    Ash Content : 3%

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    Hardwood Charcoal Briquettes

  • Hookah Charcoal Cube

    Item : HQHC

    Material : Coconut Shell/Bamboo

    Size : 2.5*2.5*2.5mm,2.2*2.2*2.2cm,2.5*2.5*1.5cm

    Package : 0.5kg/box,24boxes/ctn , 1kg/box,12boxes/ctn , 1kg/bag,10bags/ctn , 3kg/box,3boxes/dozen

    Ash Content : <3.8%

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    Hookah Charcoal Cube

  • Mangrove Wood Charcoal

    Feature : High Combustion Rating, High Reliability

    Ash Content : 1.5%

    Moisture : 4.8%

    Fixed Carbon : 85.5%

    Calorific value : 7300kcal/kg

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    Mangrove Wood Charcoal


Kamil Swarga Woods Ltd is the best Firewood supplier in Poland. Our company supplies customers and clients with only the best at every stage

Firewood is a renewal resource. There are plenty of benefits of choosing Firewood for your use. Some are as follows:

• One cannot depend on the energy companies and cannot fall victim to blackouts of the conventional heating systems during heavy storms. You can stay warm even in these conditions by choosing the Firewood that we provide you with. These will not only keep you warm but also safe.

• Firewood is one of the most cost-effective fuels for domestic heating. It has shown to be around six times more economic than electric heat, five times more economic than gas heat and around four times more economic than oil. Put an end to your dependency on foreign oil and choose our firewood instead. We are the best wholesale firewood in Poland.

• A blazing fireplace creates ambience and radiant heat unlike anything else.

• Burning Firewood is carbon neutral and does not contribute to global warming. Allowing wood to rot on the forest floor releases the same amount of carbon dioxide as it does when the wood is burned properly.

Choose us as we have listed the best Firewood for Sale in Poland. Order our products and get them delivered to your doorstep.


  • Agarwood Chips

    Material : Agarwood

    Application : Burning Use

    Color : Brown

    Purity : 99%

    Feature : Advanced Quality, High Quality

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    Agarwood Chips

  • Beech Firewood

    Material : Wood

    Color : Brown

    Form : Logs

    Energy Heat Output : 4,34kWh/kg

    Approximate Weight : 800kg

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    Beech Firewood

  • Birch Firewood

    Measures Outside : 1.2 m * 0.8 m * 2.0 m.

    Split Length : 15-25 cm

    Width of the Split : 8-16cm

    Wood Fire Size : 33 Cm or 50 Cm;

    Fire Wood Diameter : 7 – 19 cm;

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    Birch Firewood

  • Dried Kiln Firewood

    Color : Brown

    Form : Chips

    Dried : Yes

    Usage : Wooden Home, C24 Beams, Furniture, Doors & Windows

    Moisture : 5-7%

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    Dried Kiln Firewood

  • Ecological Organic Firelighters Cubes

    Number of Cubes : 32

    Features : Ignites Quickly, Non Toxic, Clean, Suitable for Food Preparation

    Cube Burns Up To : 8 Mins

    Material : Biomass and Vegetable Oil, No Chemicals

    Size of Product : 15x120x185 Mm

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    Ecological Organic Firelighters Cubes

  • Natural Wood Wool Firelighters

    Material : Wooden Wool

    Color : Yellow

    Pattern : Plain

    Feature : Ignites Quickly, Fsc Certified Product, 100% Renewable Materials

    Burns Up to : 8 Min

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    Natural Wood Wool Firelighters


  • Ash Round Logs

    Shape : Round

    Application : Making Furniture

    Color : Brown

    Width : 0-50cm

    Feature : Durable, Fine Finished

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    Ash Round Logs

  • European Beech Logs

    Volume 250 – : M3 per Month

    Diameter : 40+ cm

    Length : 4+ m

    Usage : Making Furniture

    Shape : Round

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    European Beech Logs

  • European White Ash Logs

    Type : European White Ash , Oak , Pine , Spruce Logs

    Diameters : 30cm, up 70% 40cm up

    Length : 4.0 – 11.5m

    Origin : Germany/ Poland

    Grade : Abc Grade Saw Logs and Ab Grade Veneer/peeling Logs

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    European White Ash Logs

  • Radiata Pine Logs

    Shape : Round

    Color : Brown

    Grade : AA/ AB/ BB/ ABC

    Available Diameter : 6+/10+/14+/18+/21+/26+/30+

    Available Length : Up to 6100mm

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    Radiata Pine Logs

  • Yellow Southern Pine Logs

    Type of Species : European Softwood

    Species : Pine (Pinus sylvestris) – Scots Pine, Maritime Pine (Pinus pinaster), Spruce (Picea abies)

    Volume : 500 – 2000 m3 per month

    Part of Tree : Whole Tree

    Diameter : 14; 25+ cm

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    Yellow Southern Pine Logs


  • Chamex A4 Paper

    Color : White

    Feature : Durable Finish, Smooth Paper

    Paper size : A4 (210 X 297 mm.)

    Whiteness : A grade (102-104%)

    Weight : 70 Gsm, 75 Gsm, 80 Gsm Available

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    Chamex A4 Paper

  • Double A4 Paper

    Color : White

    Feature : Durable Finish

    GSM : 80 GSM

    Paper Size : A4 (210 X 297 mm.)

    Available Size : 250 Sheets and 500 Sheets (1ream)

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    Double A4 Paper

  • IK Plus A4 Multipurpose Paper

    Size : A4

    Color : White

    Brightness : 100%

    Feature : Durable Finish, Smooth Paper

    GSM : 80-120

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    IK Plus A4 Multipurpose Paper

  • Navigator A4 Copy Paper

    Material : 100% Wood Pulp

    Size : A4, Letter size(8.5”x11”), 8.5”x13”,Legal size(8.5”x14”)

    Base Weight : 70gsm

    Whiteness: : 102-104%

    Packing : 500 sheets per ream, 5 reams per carton(box)

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    Navigator A4 Copy Paper

  • Typek A4 Paper

    Size : A4

    Color : Extreme White Colour

    Pulp Material : Wood Pulp

    Feature : Low Dust

    GSM : 80 GSM

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    Typek A4 Paper

  • Xerox A4 Paper

    Size : A4

    Color : Extreme White Colour

    Pulp Material : Wood Pulp

    Feature : Low Dust

    GSM : 80-120

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    Xerox A4 Paper


  • Beech Plywood

    Moisture (%) : 5 – 12

    Apparent Density (kg/m³) : Approx. 820

    Bending Strength (mpa) Along the Fibres : 80 – 95

    Across the Fibres : 45 – 60

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    Beech Plywood

Oak Timber

  • Lamellas Oak Timber

    Quality : AA/AB/BB/ABC

    Available Thickness : 25-50mm

    Available Width : 50-250mm

    Available Length : Up to 1500 Mm

    Drying : KD (Kiln Dried) with moisture 6 – 12%

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    Lamellas Oak Timber

  • Pine Spruce Birch Oak Ash Timber

    Type : Pine Lumber

    Length : 5-10Ft

    Application : Making Furniture

    Feature : Hard Structure

    Moisture Content : 5-10%

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    Pine Spruce Birch Oak Ash Timber

  • Sawn Oak Timber

    Grade : AA, AB, BB, ABC or FAS/F1F, 2A Common (No. 2AC) or “Rustic”

    Available Thickness : 24/ 28/ 30/ 32/ 33/ 38/ 40/ 45/ 50/

    Available Width : 90+mm

    Available Length : Up to 4000mm

    Drying : KD with moisture 6 – 12%

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    Sawn Oak Timber

Wood Pellet

  • Biomass Wood Pellet

    Color : Brown

    Size : 6 mm and 8mm, up to 16mm

    Calorific Power is : 4200 to 4500 Kg / Calorie

    Humidity : Mix 10%

    Ash Content : 0. 5%

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    Biomass Wood Pellet

  • Pine Wood Pellet

    Feature : High Combustion Efficiency

    Diameter : 8mm

    Length : Max 50mm

    Moisture : Max 10%

    Ash : Max 3%

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    Pine Wood Pellet

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